Watch Kurt Busch rant at Talladega after wrecking and being parked by NASCAR

Kurt Busch’s final race with Phoenix Racing started out well, and Busch took the No. 51 to the lead. However, he unexpectedly ran out of gas and was wrecked on Lap 99.

Safety workers arrived on the scene and Busch appeared to be all right after firing up his damaged race car.

But adding insult to injury, Busch was parked by NASCAR because he drove away with an equipment bag belonging to the safety workers on the roof of his car.

Here’s the video of the crash and its aftermath. Busch’s explanation of the troubles in his life starts at 2:32.


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2 Comments on Watch Kurt Busch rant at Talladega after wrecking and being parked by NASCAR

  1. This is the worst example of a Kurt Busch rant I have ever seen. Cudo’s to Kurt for keeping his head and NOT going off like he has in the past. Whomever wrote the headline has never seen him RANT. I guess they wanted to sensationalize the headline to get people to watch the video. Worked! I am not a Kurt Busch fan but this is far from a rant.

    • You make some good points but this still definitely qualifies as a rant. Part of what made this so entertaining was that he said all this surrounded by reporters, as opposed to over the radio in his car. Sure he didn’t swear on live TV (maybe he didn’t want to be parked by NASCAR for more than one race?) but this is still vintage Kurt.

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