IndyCar: 10 Questions Getting to Know Driver E.J. Viso

By Eric Smith:

2013 IndyCar Detroit Belle IsleE.J. Viso is our fourth guest for the weekly 10 questions with Izod IndyCar Series drivers. Viso is off to a very good start to the 2013 season after joining Andretti Autosport in the offseason and on the cusp of becoming the next driver to earn his first career IndyCar victory this season.

He’s qualified tremendously since the beginning of May where he hasn’t started outside the top five in the last four races. He has starts of second, fourth, first and fifth respectively.

RRO: Who’s someone outside of your family that’s done the most for your racing career?

E.J: It’s difficult to pick one person. I think different people have been in different phases of my life and different phases of my career. To be honest, each person has been as crucial as the others. There’s probably not one person that has been next to me throughout my career like my dad has been, but I’d rather not mention just one person as there are so many people I am grateful for.

RRO: Who’s the cleanest driver you enjoy racing with in the series?

E.J: It’s tough to pick. There aren’t that many “clean” drivers. There have been issues with the rules and I think some drivers are trying to stretch and bend the rules a bit.

RRO: If you were starting a race team, who besides yourself would you choose to drive for you and what would your team name be?

E.J: To be honest, I’m very comfortable with the drivers I’m working with right now, my current teammates. That would probably be the perfect lineup if I were to have my own team. The name would be Team Vi50 (Team Viso).

RRO:  If you weren’t involved in racing, what do you see yourself doing right now?

E.J: I like doing different kinds of business in general. I like putting deals together; I consider myself an entrepreneur. I like making things happen out of places where people don’t see a business coming from.

RRO: What’s your favorite song out at this moment?

I don’t have just one favorite song. Pandora does a great job these days…they play all kinds of music. I don’t even know the names of the songs because I just put Pandora on and that’s it.

RRO: What’s your favorite racing related movie?

E.J: I think Top Gun is a classic; it’s fun to watch.

RRO: What’s your favorite city to visit on the Izod IndyCar Series schedule?

E.J: Australia’s Surfer’s Paradise… It’s a shame we haven’t been able to attend since 2008. I wish we would go back there!

RRO: What % goes into winning an IndyCar race between driver, car and luck?

E.J: Without luck, the other two would not be enough. Without a good driver, the others are not enough. Without a good team, good car, the other two wouldn’t work right together. There just needs to be a good combination of them all. I think, depending on the track, 40% car, 40% driver, 20% luck?

RRO: What’s the best racing advice given to you?

E.J: Just to believe in myself. To believe in myself, be dedicated, disciplined and to never stop.

RRO: What are things you enjoy to do away from the track?

E.J: I really like jet skiing. Little by little I’ve been pursuing it, and at this point, I would like to begin racing them.

Special Thanks for Andretti Autosport, E.J. Viso and his PR Veronica Knowlton. Follow them on Twitter @followandretti, @ejviso and @vknowlton.

Eric Smith is the Lead Izod IndyCar Series writer for Race Review Online. Follow him on Twitter @ericsportsguru

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