Truex Says He Has A “Free Pass” From Logano While Logano Says Otherwise

HOMESTEAD, Fla – Thursday was media day for the Championship 4 contenders in South Florida and one of the main topics of emphasis was the rift between Joey Logano and Martin Truex Jr. If you remember, just three weeks ago the two had a run in at the end of the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series race at the Martinsville (VA) Speedway. Logano, dominated the First Data 500 and was in charge late in the race until Truex cleared him for the lead in the closing laps. Logano, used his bumper to move Truex out of the way on the final lap in the final corner for the win.

While the two have spoke since then, both are in the final round and will go head-to-head against one another for this year’s championship. Truex, says that he has a “free pass” to move Logano in the end of Sunday’s Ford EcoBoost 400 (2:30 p.m. ET/NBC/MRN/SiriusXM NASCAR Radio) if needed.

“Yeah, I mean, I would say that I won’t — I’m not approaching this race any differently because of that,” Truex said of the situation between he and Logano. “You know, I don’t know any other way to answer it, but I still remember what happened, and I’ll use that to my advantage this weekend.

“I have a free pass.  He already told me I could.  He told me he’s fair game.  So here we go.”

When asked if he will race Logano any differently this weekend, Truex vowed “absolutely.”

When pressed if he would race all three drivers differently on Sunday, Truex said, “Depends on who it is.”

See, the rift isn’t over. Far from it in fact. That’s because Logano says that Truex doesn’t have a “free pass” and that he never said that.

“I didn’t tell him that,” Logano said on Thursday. “I said, Hey, I expect to get raced the way I race people.  I’m a hard racer.  I expect to get raced hard.  I said it before, we didn’t crash each other.  I didn’t crash him.  Moved him up enough to have a drag race.  That’s what I explained to him.

“Just so much on the line in these situations.  If you don’t make a move like that, you’re going to go back to your race team.  I know if I worked on that car, I’d be mad.  I’d say, Why didn’t you at least try to win?

“I wasn’t going to crash him.  That’s completely different than what happened a couple years ago.  I wasn’t looking to do that.  I was just looking to move him up the racetrack, then have that race to the start/finish line, which we did.  We had that.”

So, hearing both sides, I think we could have some fireworks on Sunday. Since 2014 when this race became a Championship 4 finale, the champion has gone on to win the race itself outright too. These two will likely be around each other in the end.

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