Heat Race Lineups Set For Thursday Night’s Driven2SaveLives BC 39 Presented by NOS Energy Drink

INDIANAPOLIS – After a thrilling opening night of action at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the heat races for Thursday night’s Driven2SaveLives BC39 presented by NOS Energy Drink are set. There will be eight heat races, all 10-laps each, to set field for the eight main races.

Each driver’s points earned during Wednesday’s heat races will be added to their point total during Thursday’s Qualifying Races, which will set their starting spot for one of the mains (D, C, B or A).

The “BC39” continues Thursday night, September 6 at IMS with the final events taking place, beginning with the eight qualifying races before moving into the main events and concluding with the 39-lap A-Main.  The pits open at 8am, drivers meeting in the pagoda at 3pm and cars hitting the track at 5pm.  All times Eastern.

The event will be streamed LIVE via pay-per-view on http://www.SpeedShiftTV.com/ while LIVE audio can be heard for FREE on the USAC app.  A one-hour show recapping both nights of the “BC39” will air this Friday, September 7, at 6 pm Eastern on NBCSN.


67 Logan Seavey – 1BR Dave Darland

63D J.J. Yeley – 55 Nick Drake

39BC Zeb Wise – 77 Alex Bright

31 Ray Seach – 57BC Cole Bodine

71K Tanner Carrick – 37K Riley Kreisel

5v Jesse Vermillion – 5x Roy Caruthers

8c Johnny Petrozelle – 12w Billy Wease


7 Gage Walker – 17w Shane Golobic

21 Christopher Bell – 11A Anton Hernandez

0 Steve Buckwalter – 27 Tucker Klaasmeyer

72 Sam Johnson – 15 Jason McDougal

7CH Critter Malone – 57B Chase McDermand

46 Robby Spino – 5T Presley Truedson

19m Ethan Mitchell – 35x Chris Baue


11T Trey Osborne – 3N Jake Neuman

91T Tyler Thomas – 67R Ryan Smith

29J Brian Karraker – 37 Terry Babb

57D Daniel Robinson – 23 David Budres

17D Dakota Jackson – 4D Robert Dalby

77x Olivia Bennett – 21D Justin Dickerson

5 C.J. Leary – 1 Conor Daly


11L Aaron Leffel – 11Y Travis Young

7K Matt Lux – 25 Jerry Coons, Jr.

54 Matt Westfall – 99w Korey Weyant

1T Tyler Shoemaker – 27z Zane Hendricks

97A Austin O’Dell – 15c Carson Garrett

88 Tyler Nelson – 2ND Jeb Sessums

39 Kyle May – 71½ Robert Bell


33 Davey Ray – 10 Lance Bennett

67K Holly Shelton – 99p Dillon Welch

51 Russ Gamester – 1K Brayton Lynch

35L Andrew Layser – 25s Alex Schriever

89 Braydan Willmington – 11c Glenn Waterland

49 Andy Bradley – 71x Bryan Drollinger

21x Landon Cassill – 57 Spencer Bayston


37x Payton Pierce – 67F Kyle O’Gara

84 Chad Boat – 4A Casey Shuman

17BC Justin Grant – 7BC Tyler Courtney

2D Matt Sherrell – 56x Mark Chisholm

25x Gio Scelzi – 7p Brian Peterson

43 Logan Arnold – 5D Zach Daum

11 Tracy Hines – 17K Michael Koontz


57K Kevin Studley – 8 Randi Pankratz

17s Ricky Stenhouse, Jr. – 33c Chase Jones

97 Maria Cofer – 63 Kevin Thomas, Jr.

57A Andrew Felker – 14s McKenna Haase

25p Dylan Peterson – 91 Shane Cockrum

18 Rich Drangmeister – 22 John Heydenreich

32 Nick Hamilton


24 Landon Simon – 35 Chris Windom

5B Chase Briscoe – 1ST Shane Cottle

76m Brady Bacon – 71 Ryan Robinson

77u Chris Urish – 83 Karsyn Elledge

7CG Austin Langenstein – 56Y J.B. Gilbert

24x David Prickett – 57F Nate Foster

29 Joey Moughan

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