Don’t Be Surprised If Kahne Tries Indy 500 In The Future, What He Said

INDIANAPOLIS – Kasey Kahne announced his retirement from NASCAR on Thursday morning saying that the 2018 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series season would be his last. But, like Fernando Alonso and Tony Stewart, Kahne isn’t ruling out racing in other series’. Here are his words on that.

“I’m not sure what the future holds for me, but I know I’m at ease with the decision that I have made,” he tweeted on Thursday. “The highs didn’t outweigh the lows and the grueling schedule takes a toll on your quality of life. I need to spend time doing the things I enjoy and love and that’s spending time with [son] Tanner and my sprint car teams.

While I see him racing in a slew of series around the United States like Stewart, I don’t see him running anywhere full time like Alonso is going to. But, one race that I can see Kahne trying out is the Indianapolis 500.

I mean, Kahne has a USAC open wheel background and has always followed INDYCAR closely. Just look at what he said last September during NASCAR’s playoff media day and what he said about his contract situation for 2019 and how close he was to an INDYCAR ride for this season anyways.

“I think a 1-year deal would be OK,” Kahne said last year. “I think I would rather do … I think multiple years would be pretty nice, just to kind of know where you are at for a little while. But I could handle a 1-year (contract) as well because the next year, who knows what that brings and what I want to do at that point, either. I would say between one and three would be probably something to shoot for.

“So, it was just like three or four days ago, I had this great plan to like do sprint cars and see if I could do an IndyCar race or two and do a couple of NASCAR races like the 500 and Brickyard, things like that,” Kahne continued. “I thought that would be quite a dream and pretty awesome to do.

“That has been on my mind, but I also want to, if I can come up with a strong deal for next year, then I would like to do that because I enjoy racing in NASCAR and feel like I don’t want to get too far away from it because I think I still have some strong years left in me racing in the Cup Series.”

Kahne, won the Brickyard 400 just last year and he wasn’t ruling out racing all together. Can you imagine Kahne, Tony Stewart, Fernando Alonso, Helio Castroneves and other one-offs coming to Indy next year.

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  1. Dan

    Mind readers! Gotta love them & their Crystal Ball(s). NASCAR has been becoming a shadow of its former self for yrs. now. Need new blood in the racing community that should be highlighted to the degree other forms are now being (NASCAR) with their schedules going from anemic to full blood volume.

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