Ferrari’s Prevail With Vettel Earning 51st Career Victory After Raikkonen Derails Hamilton’s Race Early On

It appeared that all Ferrari had to do on Sunday was to just play damage control. Lewis Hamilton entered Sunday’s Rolex British Grand Prix with four straight home race victories and was starting on the pole. He was fastest in two of the three practice sessions this weekend and second in the other. With the pace there, he would likely be hard to beat.

So, in Sebastian Vettel’s championship hopes, he had to just minimize the incoming deficit. He had neck pains that sprung on him for practice and qualifying on Saturday and had to do what he needed to do in order to put his No. 5 Ferrari on the podium. 

But, Vettel got more than that. He leaves England with an eight point lead in the standings after securing his 51st career Formula One victory on Sunday afternoon. That ties with him Alain Prost for third most ever as only Michael Schumacher (91) and Hamilton (65) have more.

Vettel, was gifted a potential win when his teammate Kimi Raikkonen got into Hamilton on the opening lap. That put Hamilton outside of the top five at the time and Vettel with the lead. Hamilton, would rebound to move back up through the field and before he hit pit road for the first time, he was back up to third.

All he needed from then on was a caution. He got two of those in fact. Unfortunately for the Mercedes driver, his teammate Valtteri Bottas couldn’t hold Vettel off as the German got by and Hamilton was on older tires and couldn’t do anything to get his No. 44 Mercedes around Vettel for the win.

Hamilton, would finish second for his 124th career podium finish and seventh top two finish at his home race. Raikkonen also got by Bottas and brought his No. 7 Ferrari home for his 97th podium. Bottas, came home fourth and Daniel Ricciardo fifth.

This was the first time that Mercedes failed to win in England since 2012 and Vettel’s first win on the Silverstone track.

Now, after a three week stretch that saw three different winners, Hamilton (France), Verstappen (Austria) and Vettel (England), the drivers get a week off before returning to action in Germany. One thing we know is that this is going to be an intense battle for the title between Vettel and Hamilton and the two constructors will use their teammates Bottas (Mercedes) and Raikkonen (Ferrari) to do anything that they can to help aid in a title.

Rolex British Grand Prix Results

  1.  5 Vettel
  2. 44 Hamilton
  3.  7 Raikkonen
  4. 77 Bottas
  5.  3 Ricciardo
  6. 27 Hulkenberg
  7. 31 Ocon
  8. 14 Alonso
  9. 20 Magnussen
  10. 11 Perez
  11.  2 Vandoorne
  12. 18 Stroll
  13. 10 Gasly R
  14. 35 Sirtokin R
  15. 33 Verstappen OUT
  16.  8 Grosjean OUT
  17. 55 Sainz OUT
  18.  9 Ericsson OUT
  19. 16 Leclerc R OUT
  20. 28 Hartley R OUT


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