Ferrari And Red Bull Battles Could Be Won By Unlikely Drivers This Weekend

The betting world is growing in the United States due to a recent law change in terms of sports betting. With that being said, that could favor racing the most. Fans can now place bets on automobile racing around the world and do so without repercussions. So, that brings a whole new way to watching and looking at races for fans and bettors.

Take this for example, one prop you can place money on is battles among teammates in F1. You can put wagers on which teammate will finish ahead of the other.

This weekend, I like the battles between Ferrari’s and Red Bull’s because you can win on some unlikely drivers.

In terms of the Ferrari camp, most would think that Sebastian Vettel would easily beat Kimi Raikkonen in Sunday’s Rolex British Grand Prix (9 a.m. ET/ESPN). Vettel, is the current F1 points leader and a four time world champion. But, what if I told you that his teammate has beaten him in each of the last two weeks and four of the last seven races on the year.

Plus, Vettel is dealing with some neck pain this weekend which could wreck havoc for the German driver in Sunday’s grueling race.

Advantage, underdog in that one.

Then there’s the Red Bull matchup. Daniel Ricciardo is a two-time F1 winner this season including one of which in Monaco. But, what if I told you that his teammate Max Verstappen has out paced Ricciardo in each of the last three races and in four of the last five.

Vettel and Ricciardo have faster cars right now than Raikkonen and Verstappen but look for the other two to finish ahead on Sunday.

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