Crafton Heads To Eldora With 1 Year Winless Streak Intact

When Matt Crafton won last year’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Eldora, it was a feat that rewarded all his hard earned effort. See, prior to last season, Crafton was never really known as a dirt racer. But, with Eldora becoming a mainstay on the Truck Series schedule, Crafton decided that he needed to take EVERY race seriously now. That meant putting more emphasis on becoming better on dirt. He was already getting to legend status everywhere else. Eldora was the one place that he admitted he wasn’t very good at.

So, he’d enter dirt races in multiple forms of motorsports around the country. Anything he could do to hone his skills on dirt, he’d do it. It paid off too in a big way. Unfortunately, that indirectly cost him in the other races though. Crafton, hasn’t won since his Eldora triumph. While that doesn’t have anything to do with him putting extra emphasis on dirt, he has gone a full year now without a victory.

“I came from an asphalt background, and I’ve raced some dirt in the last four or five years just because I knew we were going to Eldora, and last year I just went and bought my own dirt car, just bought my own modified and went and raced, oh, 12, 15 races last year and put a lot of focus on it just because I thought that was such a cool race to be able to win and get that golden shovel and that trophy and say we won on asphalt, we won on dirt, we’ve won some other places,” Crafton said of Eldora. “So that was a very sweet victory for sure.”

That’s rare for Crafton to go so long without winning. It’s been 24 races to be exact as his last win was last July 19. That winless streak remains intact still and he’s desperately trying to end it.

Crafton, finished third last weekend in Kentucky which excites him and his ThorSport Racing team. See, Crafton’s teammate Ben Rhodes won, giving the team their first win of the season and first since they’ve switched from Toyota to Ford power. It always takes time to adjust to a new manufacturer and now the whole organization finally feels like they’re starting to find their way out of the dark tunnel.

That bodes well for Crafton this weekend.

Can he win for a second straight year? Everything says, yes.

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