Saturday’s INDYCAR Race Much Different Than Last Year’s But It Still Packed Punch

FORT WORTH, TX – Most of the drivers warned us that Saturday night’s DXC Technology 600 at the Texas Motor Speedway could be a snoozefest. The said that passing would be difficult and that it could be a high speed parade around the 1.5-mile track. They were calling for more downforce to fix it. Unfortunately, there wasn’t enough time to experiment.

But, after 248 Laps of racing, while it was definitely different from the 23 lead changes that we saw last year, it certainly wasn’t “boring.” While I’m the first to admit that I’m in the rare category of liking closer racing than what we saw tonight, even in terms of what we saw at Texas the last two years, this race was still packing enough punch for the entertainment value.

It was far from a snoozefest. We had a caution in the first seven laps then went on a 158 lap green flag run. In that long run, a lot of cars fell a lap down. But, its not like the action was lacking. There wasn’t a “pack race” and definitely wasn’t a sling shot race like we saw the last few years, but there was a lot of on track passing and some edge of your seat moments.

It wasn’t your old Texas and it also wasn’t the boring snoozefest of Texas from 2012 through 2015. Those races put this race on the brink of extinction. They went too far the wrong way to try to eliminate “pack racing.” I get why they did it, but it wasn’t fun. Then, they started to get the package right again but with a new car this year, they may have been too far out again. This time though, they’re still closer to where they need to be where they were too far out in 2012. A few tweaks and this race will be back to 248 laps of edge of your seat action but not the quote on quote pack race.

I felt the race on Saturday night was still very good and much better than I had thought it would be.

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