Over $160k In NASCAR Fines From Dover Penalties, Including Race Contending Cars

NASCAR laid the gauntlet down on several teams in not just the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series on Wednesday afternoon, but also a couple of NASCAR XFINITY Series teams as well. It’s just another possible mark on the sport to why things are getting out of control. The cheating, and I do mean cheating, has to stop. Almost every team that got hit with the fines and penalties on Wednesday said the same thing, it was from the track and didn’t gain a competitive advantage.

Really? You expect us to all believe that garbage? I’m sick of hearing the same nauseating statements from teams that were caught cheating that there was no advantage to them being out of line. Then why were you out of line to begin with? 

The second and third place finishers from last Sunday’s AAA 400 saw their finishes taken away. The winner from Saturday’s XFINITY Series race saw his finish gone too. Basically, you saw Justin Allgaier win the race and the $100k Dash 4 Cash bonus, which he gets to still keep by the way, but the perks of it are gone.

Allgaier, was hit with a $25,000 fine and two-race suspension to crew chief Jason Burdett; loss of 25 driver and 25 owner points because of rear suspension and trailing arm angles/pinion angle shims were in violation. His win doesn’t count towards a playoff berth as he now has to go out and earn another win instead.

The impact is huge for him too. Only five XFINITY Series regulars won a race last year and only two have wins in 2018. With the playoff points being taken away too, this could theoretically cost him a title if he’s not careful.

Jeb Burton’s splitter was also not in compliance from that race as the penalty for that was a $10,000 fine to crew chief Nick Harrison and a one-race suspension for car chief Michael Scearce. To make matter worse, Austin Dillon, another Richard Childress Racing car, was hit with the same penalty on the Cup Series side too. Their penalty as a Cup team was a $25,000 fine to crew chief Justin Alexander and his car chief Greg Ebert suspended for one race.

The impact of both are very low as Dillon already has a win earlier this season at Daytona and is playoff bound. Burton isn’t a full time driver in the XFINITY Series so it affects them very little. But, for both cars to have the same problem, I’m sure it has no competitive advantage right?

Also, Clint Bowyer’s second place finish is taken away after his rear windows was in violation. That’s a $50,000 fine to crew chief Mike Bugarewicz and a two-race suspension for car chief Jerry Cook. It also costs Bowyer a loss of 20 driver and 20 owner points. That took him from fourth to fifth in the Cup standings.

Third place finisher Daniel Suarez was also hit with a penalty for a rear window too. Same penalty as well. $50,000 fine to crew chief Scott Graves and a two-race suspension for car chief Todd Brewer. He also loses 20 driver and 20 owner points. This one hurt him more so for momentum. He’s been running so well lately and not has this cloud over him after being caught.

Just another long line of violations that teams need to stop. Even Kyle Larson, Dillon and Alex Bowman were sent to the rear before the race for failing pre race inspections.

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