McLaren/Renault Haven’t Won an F1 Race In Almost 100 Races Now

I wrote earlier in the week just how much parity, or lack there of in Formula Ones sense have become in the series. Since the start of the 2014 season, only three teams have won an F1 race. Out of the last 80 races, Mercedes has won 63 of them. Ferrari, has nine wins and Red Bull eight. Those are the only three teams to taste victory in the world renowned series over the last four years.

That has also led to some historic droughts for other teams too. 

Take this for example. Fernando Alonso’s fifth place in Australia equaled McLaren’s best result in the previous three years with Honda. If they fail to win at Sakhir, as seems likely given their pace compared to the “big three” it will be the first time in their history they have gone 100 races without a win. Their last triumph came in the 2012 Brazilian Grand Prix, courtesy of Jenson Button.

That’s over five years ago.

Renault is in the same boat. Its been 100 starts since their last F1 win too. Only two teams have gone that long without a win and once again made it to the top step of the podium. Williams went 132 races between victories from Brazil in 2004 and their next win at Spain in 2012. Ligier started 231 between Canada 1981 and Monaco 1996. So both Renault and McLaren have some way to go to snatch that unwanted record.

What are their chances this weekend?



I do think Fernando Alonso can contend for a top five finish, like he did in Melbourne, but there’s no way his No. 14 McLaren is winning on Sunday. Plus, there’s no way his teammate Stoffel Vandoorne gets his first win this weekend either. They can each nab top 10’s again and score double points, which to me would be another victory for the team.

Renault, well they’re even further behind McLaren, so I say no chance of a win for them either.

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