Alonso Off To Best Start To Season Since 2014

Since McLaren switched power units in the offseason, Fernando Alonso is back to his old ways. While the team still isn’t there yet as far as competing for race wins or championships, they’re finally getting closer. That has led Alonso to get off to his best start in the series since 2014.

The Spaniard finished fifth in the season opening race in Australia then seventh last weekend in Bahrain. The last time that he even finished in either of the first two races of an F1 season, let alone both, was in 2014 when he was with Ferrari. He came home fourth in each race that year. Now, he’s aiming to keep the recent streak going. 

Alonso, didn’t finish the race last year in China and came home 12th in the two years before. But, before that, he was third in 2014 and even won in 2013. He’s hoping to keep this good string of finishes going because momentum is finally on their side. His teammate Stoffel Vandoorne has scored top 10 finishes in each race too.

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