Team Options Next Key Domino In NASCAR Silly Season, Could Daytona 500 Champion, Brickyard Winner Be Free Agents?

The NASCAR Silly Season has moved very quickly, but now it may stall out for a bit as far as driver changes/lineups. The reason is all because of what’s left is all dependent on the teams. It’s hard to speculate on any moves because the next moves all involve team options. Matt Kenseth is already a free agent, we know that. But, Kurt Busch, Danica Patrick and Kasey Kahne all could join him too.

Danica Patrick at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Saturday

This isn’t out of left field, but Busch, Danica and Kahne all have told me and other NASCAR reporters that they are indeed in limbo for 2018. Each have said the same thing, they would love to be back in their rides for 2018 because they’re contractually obligated to. But, they don’t hold the option for that year, the team does. In turn, that leaves them in a ton of limbo. 

It’s now August and neither of the three know where they will be for next season. On a contract, it says Busch will be in the No. 41 Ford, Danica will be in the No. 10 Ford and Kahne in the No. 5 Chevrolet. That’s public knowledge. Because of that, they can’t seek out of rides. That’s a breach of contract if they do. The team can make a decision by a certain date if they want to honor their contracts or let them go at seasons end.

So, nothing in silly season can really happen next until these three dominoes fall. Technically, neither are free agents….yet. Technically, neither of these rides are open…yet.

It all comes down to sponsorship and performance. Two of those three have won races this year, two of the biggest ones too. Busch won the Daytona 500 and Kahne the Brickyard 400. Both are playoff bound because of that. But, could two of the winners of the seasons biggest races really be free agents?

No one knows other than what we hear and the drivers honestly all seem to think so.

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