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My results are speaking for themselves. May have missed a tad on Hamlin, but both of my other “A” suggestions panned out as well or better. So who cares?

Daytona, REPEAT AFTER ME….I will not start ANY DRIVER on my Yahoo Roster with LESS THAN 7 starts remaining!”

The risk vs. reward for restrictor plate tracks is just not favorable.   You may start a top tier guy, and he may do well, but he more likely to end up in a wad in the infield. Seriously, think this through, if Ricky Stenhouse, Trevor Bayne and Michael Waltrip can win at a restrictor plate tracks, anyone can. So don’t waste your starts.

DISCLAIMER:  I am not going to outline my research here because there are a ton of other guys already doing it and I am too lazy to type. My job is to cut through all the Poo and give you solid picks for Yahoo.(<<<see what I did there with Poo and Yahoo?)

Group A

Simple, NASCAR wants the 88 to win a race. So pick 88/11 here.

Group B

17/6/3/31.    I am really really really tempted to put the 10 on my team.  This is a low skill track and, like I said above, if MW can win here anyone can. The 10, like the 88, has its best chance of scoring a win at a plate track. That and it is all but a must or bust for Danica; so she is a risk worth taking.  Speaking of risks, the ONLY somewhat top tier guy you should consider starting here is the 41 because 1) Kurt is really good here. 2) He is already locked in and a Daytona sweep (though rare) would be super duper cool.

Group C

95/38 or the 7.

******This picks are for fun and are offered free. Use them at your own risk. Also

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