Will Kyle Larson Run the 102nd Running of the Indianapolis 500? Chip Ganassi Weighs In

INDIANAPOLIS – We talk about it multiple times a year, but now that the motorsports world turns their focus on Indianapolis for Indianapolis 500 festivities the next two weekends. With that being said, the talk of Kyle Larson running in the race in the near future grows stronger. Especially so with Fernando Alonso, a Formula One driver doing a one-off this year too.

Larson, a former USAC driver with a ton of talent has openly stated his intentions to run here. But, it’s always up to his boss Chip Ganassi.

I had the ability to talk to Ganassi one-on-one after his media availability on Friday from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“You never know,” Ganassi told me. “There always seems to be when you have a one off like (Fernando) Alonso come along, everybody is like oh yeah lets just do that. I think it sounds interesting in that it would be a lot of fun. It all comes down to economics. Just because 7,000 people tweet me saying you should do that, a lot of people have good ideas but they don’t have the answer to who’s going to sponsor it or who’s going to pay for it. They just have the idea. The idea is the easy part. It’s executing that’s difficult. It takes a lot of execution to do one of those things.

“You never know. I’m not saying yes, but I’m also not saying no.”

Larson, is young enough to do it, but how difficult would it be resourcefully to make it happen next year?

“If you have the people it’s not a problem,” Ganassi continued. “It’s just that simple. You have to have the people. Mike (Hull) and I can’t change the tires and can’t call the race on our own. You need to have a group of dedicated people. I’m not interested in coming here and running. We want to come here and win. That’s a tall order.

Next year, the Verizon IndyCar Series will switch to a new car design. It will be radically different from this current car. Would that be a better year in general to allow Larson to do a one-off?

“It could be easier, it could be harder,” said Ganassi. “What makes it potentially harder is when we get the new car and still figuring it out in May. That would make it harder. You could say if you had more cars you get more information. But, more information doesn’t necessarily get you the right answer. You need the right information not more information.”

I would say things are looking up is Larson continues his great start to the NASCAR season. As long as a sponsorship comes around, which you know it would, and Ganassi can find the right people, which you know he can, Larson can be at Indy next May.

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