Rain In the Forecast Could Wreck Havoc on Fast Friday and Indy 500 Time Trials

INDIANAPOLIS – So far, mother nature has pretty well cooperated for much of this week fo Indianapolis 500 practice. Other than an extremely windy day on Wednesday with wind gusts between 40-50 mph, the week has been hot and sunny.

There’s been no rain interruptions so far.

That’s allowed 5,856 overall laps run from Monday-Thursday, with majority of those run on race setups. Now, the boost levels get turned up tonight, which will produce speeds a good 3-5 mph on average faster than we’ve seen all week in practice. 

Fast Friday is a six hour practice session tomorrow for teams to work with the new power boost that they’ve received overnight.

Then, they get a small practice session on Saturday morning, another one on early Sunday afternoon, then qualify the rest of the time.

One problem though, mother nature doesn’t look like she wants to cooperate anymore.

There’s a 35-45 percent chance of rain during practice hours on Friday, with temperatures at least 10 degrees cooler. Then on Saturday, there’s a 50 to 60-percent chance in the morning before tapering off as the day goes on.

Sunday is a similar forecast.

So, it doesn’t appear any of the three days will be the quote on quote washouts, but it does look like rain could threaten the Indianapolis Motor Speedway at some point this weekend. Luckily, as long as it doesn’t stay around too long, the track can be dried and we can get the field of 33 set.

One note, the Air Titans that NASCAR uses will not be on hand this weekend, so typical track drying time will be between 2-3 hours.

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