Windom, Boespflug Win USAC Sprints Races Last Weekend in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – If the first five races are any indicator on how this year’s USAC Sprint car season is going to go, it could be a wild, tight battle until we crown a champion at Perris Auto Speedway in November. We’ve had four different winners in the first five races with a points battle for the ages. Just two points separate the top two in the standings and 39 markers between the top three.

USAC Sprints in Tri-State Speedway

This past weekend, there was a USAC Sprints doubleheader in Indiana, with a showdown at Bloomington Speedway on Saturday night followed by a race at Tri-State Speedway in Haubstadt, Indiana on Sunday. 

On Saturday in Bloomington, Chad Boespflug got by polesitter Dave Darland on the opening lap from his second starting spot and took over the lead early on. His lead was halted by an early caution on Lap 3 for Hunter Schuerenberg stalling on the short track. On the restart, Boespflug had a fight on his hands from Darland, but he ended up pulling away.

Meanwhile, Chris Windom started sixth and quickly moved up himself. By the end of the first lap, he improved three positions to third on the track. By Lap 8, he was second. At that point, he was chasing down Boespflug. A couple of cautions would bunch up the field, which set up a legendary showdown over the final eight laps between the duo of Boespflug and Windom. They’d go toe-to-toe, side-by-side for several laps until Boespflug got a bit of separation en route to his first victory of the season and first at Bloomington.

Windom, would finish second while Chase Stockton had his hands full with a third place effort. Justin Grant and Kevin Thomas Jr. rounded out the top five.

Darland, looked primed for a top five running second or third for most of the feature, but he had a left rear tire go down and would finish 18th.

The next night in Haubstadt, it was the same two vying for a win at Tri-State Speedway. Boespflug, led the first three laps of the feature but Windom got by him and never looked back en route to his first win at Haubstadt but 16th Sprint Car victory overall.

Windom, by far had the better car on Sunday night as a whole slew of cautions couldn’t waver his chances. We even saw a one-lap shootout in the end, but Windom wasn’t phased en route to the victory.

Boespflug, would come home second as the duo flip flopped the results from the night before.

Justin Grant who came home fourth at Bloomington on Saturday finished third while Brady Short and Carson Short rounded out the top five.

The points battle is going to be intense as Windom has made it past his rough start at Ocala to finish first, second and first in his last three races. Boespflug has finishes of second, fourth, second, first and second respectively to start this season off while Grant has finishes of first, second, third, fourth and third himself.

The drivers will have two more races in Indiana this weekend with being at Plymouth Speedway on Friday night and Montpelier Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Bloomington Results:

1. Chad Boespflug

2. Chris Windom

3. Chase Stockon

4. Justin Grant

5. Kevin Thomas Jr.

6. Brady Short

7. Jeff Bland Jr.

8. Kyle Cummins

9. Brent Beauchamp

10. Nick Bilbee

11. Tyler Thomas

12. Josh Hodges

13. C.J. Leary

14. Shane Cottle

15. Jarett Andretti

16. Tyler Courtney

17. Jon Stanbrough

18. Dave Darland

19. Isaac Chapple

20. Max McGhee

21. Clinton Boyles

22. Landon Simon

23. Jerry Coons Jr.

24. Hunter Schuerenberg

Tri-State Results:

1. Chris Windom

2. Chad Boespflug

3. Justin Grant

4. Brady Short

5. Carson Short

6. Jarett Andretti

7. Aaron Farney

8. Max McGhee

9. Kevin Thomas, Jr.

10. C.J. Leary

11. Chase Stockon

12. Stevie Sussex

13. Tyler Courtney

14. Chet Williams

15. Isaac Chapple

16. Dave Darland

17. Landon Simon

18. Brandon Morin

19. Kyle Cummins

20. Hunter Schuerenberg

21. Clinton Boyles

22. Aric Gentry

23. Dakota Jackson

24. Donny Brackett

25. Josh Hodges


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