Ferrari’s Sweep Front Row for 1st Time Since 2008

Friday, Ferrari’s were saying that the Mercedes drivers were sandbagging. In the two practice sessions, Ferrari led the way in each session while both Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton played second fiddle to their Ferrari counterparts.

I think Ferrari felt threatened still despite being 1-2 on the speed chart. 

Mercedes drivers fired back saying that they had no reason to sandbag and that they were struggling with their tires. They admitted Ferrari’s were just better.

In practice on Friday morning, Ferrari drivers were 1-2 again. Mercedes drivers were right behind in 3-4.

In qualifying for Sunday’s Russian Grand Prix, where you would think if Mercedes was sandbagging, the bags would come off, well they were right where they’ve been all weekend.

Ferrari’s earned their first front row sweep of a Formula One race since 2008, as Sebastian Vettel earned his 47th career pole with setting a lap of 1:33.194-seconds in the final round.

His Ferrari teammate of Kimi Raikkonen turned a lap of 1:33.253-seconds in the final round as well, as he will start on the front row, making this the first that Ferrari’s have done this since France in 2008.

Valtteri Bottas turned the weekends quickest time in Q2, but was only third in the final round with a lap of 1:33.289-seconds in his Mercedes. His teammate and two time Russian Grand Prix winner Lewis Hamilton will start alongside as he turned a lap of 1:33.767-seconds in Q3.

Daniel Ricciardo will start fifth with his Red Bull Racing teammate of Max Verstappen rolling off seventh.

Williams was right there too like I predicted with Felipe Massa qualifying sixth.

Russian Grand Prix Starting Lineup:

1 5 Vettel

2.  7 Raikkonen

3. 77 Bottas

4. 44 Hamilton

5.  3 Ricciardo

6. 19 Massa

7. 33 Verstappen

8. 27 Hulkenberg

9. 11 Perez

10. 31 Ocon

11. 55 Sainz

12. 18 Stroll

13. 26 Kvyat

14. 20 Magnussen

15. 14 Alonso

16. 30 Palmer

17.  2 Vandoorne

18. 94 Wehrlein

19. 9 Ericsson

20. 8 Grosjean

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