Downforce Levels, Horsepower Needs to Be Improved for Phoenix Next Year

Avondale, AZ – Luckily we know that the Verizon IndyCar Series will be back at the Phoenix International Raceway in 2018. But, between now and next year’s Desert Diamond West Valley Phoenix Grand Prix, changes must be made.

The good news is that a new car is coming out for next year, so hopefully that will aid in a better package for the 1.022-mile Arizona oval. Luckily, it can’t get much worse too. 

This package isn’t very good as the result is a parade. The drivers warned last year that if changes aren’t made, this race may not work.

Attendance didn’t look a whole lot different from last year, and the race this year wasn’t much better. Which is why change is needed.

In 2016, there weren’t any passes for the lead on the track. The only lead changes occurred with tire issues with the leaders.

Same thing happened tonight too.

Two years, zero green flag passes for the lead.

This year, we saw a terrible start followed by a first lap crash taking out five drivers. That resulted in the first 21 laps being run under caution.

Then, after a caution flag flew towards the end of the second green flag pit sequence, we had only five cars left on the lead lap the rest of the way.

In the end, we had four cars on the lead lap and just 13 cars running at the finish.

So how can we make things better you may ask?

It’s pretty easy, the driver all say if IndyCar takes away downforce and gives them more horsepower, things will drastically improve. I tend to agree.

First off, with this much downforce, it’s hard to pass. When everyone is going the same speed, how can you pass them? There’s not much drop off at all which means drivers can only follow the car in front.

So, take the downforce off and passing will occur. Make drivers have to lift in the corners and have them slip and slide around the short oval.

Then, add more horsepower. Giving more horsepower will make these cars harder to drive as they won’t have so much downforce either.

With a new car coming next year, changes will likely be made. To me, those are the top two changes to make.

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