Mobil 1 The Grid Comes Out With Feature About Kurt Busch’s Daytona 500 Victory

Mobil 1 the grid came out with another video, this time they produced a phenomenal feature chronicling Kurt Busch’s Daytona 500 victory with him and his crew chief Tony Gibson and their commentary about that special day on Feb. 26. Busch, won his first Daytona 500 in 17 tries, while his crew chief, a Daytona Beach native, also reached victory lane in his home town race for the first time as well.

“It’s my hometown, my hometrack, as a little kid, it’s the first track I ever walked into,” Gibson said in the documentary. “That’s our Super Bowl. That’s the one you want to win.”

When talking about his emotions, Gibson said, “You never really know until you cross that line. We could have ran out of gas. We could have stumbled. There’s so many things that could go wrong up to 200 yards before the finish line that can ruin your day. I try not to get to excited leading up into that lap knowing it can change. But, man, once we completed that lap, it was game on. That’s why it was so emotional for me not only my history of that race track, it’s so hard to win that race to be in that elite club of crew chiefs that have won it.

Busch, said he was confident heading into Speedweeks despite the change from Chevrolet to Ford in the offseason.

“The way it all came together through the offseason, I thought this was the one where we were most prepared that I’ve ever been,” Busch said. “As the race unfolded, I figured there’d be a lot of damage. A lot of cars wrecked in how the preliminary races went. Attrition is always a big thing at Daytona. You have to dodge the wrecks. You have to be lucky to be in the right place at the right time. We had a lot of things go our way. It’s because things were going in our favor because we prepared for it. When (Tony) Gibson said we were short on fuel a half a lap, I thought that’s a calculator fuzz. We’ll be fine. I took that mental approach of that I’m not going to let any outlying thing take away from what I had to focus on. Really, I didn’t think about fuel until the end of the race, I just went for it. Daytona is special, it’s magical. If you didn’t think that it was, watch Tony Gibson reaction. When you grow up in the shadows of the grandstands there in Daytona. It is your life.”

Watch the video here

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