Since Chevrolet Came Back to IndyCar in 2012, They’ve Dominated All 5 Seasons

INDIANAPOLIS – For Honda teams/drivers, 2018 can’t some soon enough. No, they’re not already wishing the 2017 Verizon IndyCar Series season away before it even begins, but after only scoring two wins and three poles in 16 races in 2016, they know that they have a lot of work to do during this upcoming season.

Due to an aerokit freeze, there wasn’t much that Honda teams could do this offseason to improve upon from a year ago. It doesn’t necessarily mean that Chevrolet teams are going to destroy their Honda counterparts in most races again in 2017 like they did in 2016, but without being able to upgrade anything, and with only having minimal success a year ago, it likely means 2017 will be very Chevy dominated once again.

That’s why when the new car and aero program comes out for the 2018 season, Honda is able to close the gap. But, they have another year before that can happen.

This shouldn’t come to a shock though, as since Chevrolet made their return to IndyCar in 2012, they’ve dominated ever since.

In their first year back in IndyCar, Chevrolet won 11 of the 15 races and 10 of the 15 poles that year. 2013, was a little more balanced as Chevy took 10 wins to Honda’s 9 and 11 poles to Honda’s 8.

But, in the three years since, Chevy has been downright superior.

Over the last three years, Chevy has won 44 of the 50 races (88-percent). They’ve also won 36 poles in those 50 races (72-percent).

In 2014, Chevy won 12 of the 18 races and 15 of the 18 poles. In 2015, they won 10 more races and an astounding all 16 poles that year. Last year, they took 14 wins and 13 poles from Honda including dominating the season standings with eight drivers in the top nine of the final standings.

Overall, that’s 65 wins in 84 tries since the start of the 2012 season (77-percent) and 57 poles (68-percent).

So, why would 2017 be any different than any of the last five years? With Chevy having a clear advantage in the aerokit, they’re primed for another dominating 2017 season, unless Honda has done even more homework this offseason to find some gains.

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