Danica Patrick Possibly in Limbo With Nature’s Bakery Sponsorship

This could end up being a big old “non-story” but at the moment, it’s pretty big. NASCAR had their 2017 media day in Charlotte on Tuesday and it’s a day where drivers show up in their drivers suits and take photo ops in them, as well as do everything media related for the 2017 season. So, when one particular driver showed up in a different driver suit than it expected – it raised some eyebrows.

Danica Patrick’s main sponsor for the upcoming season is supposed to be Nature’s Bakery. The company was signed on to sponsor her No. 10 Chevrolet for 20 of the 36 races. One would think, Danica would be donning the baby blue driver suit with Nature’s Bakery on it. Instead, she was in the Tax Act colors.

That got some questions going. Is Nature’s Bakery going to be on her car this year? They are signed off on 20 races, but without her wearing their colors today, it brought out some red flags.

Stewart-Haas Racing didn’t say much about the potential sponsorship issue other than the two sides are working something out. So, without saying there’s an issue, they acknowledged there’s a potential sponsorship problem.

Where the biggest issue is, that it currently appears that there are 20 races left without a sponsor for her. That’s a lot of races, which costs the teams millions of dollars right now. I don’t see it happening this way, but it could affect her status of being “full-time.” SHR can’t afford to run a car for 20 races without funding. That’s obviously over half the season.

This is an interesting development that will have everyone’s full attention.

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