Bernie Ecclestone Rooting for Lewis Hamilton to Win Championship Calling Him “Best Champion Ever”

As we head to Mexico, there’s only three races to go in the Formula 1 season. Currently, Nico Rosberg leads his Mercedes teammate of Lewis Hamilton by 26 points, and can actually clinch the title this weekend. But, Bernie Ecclestone is back at it with his comments, saying that he’s in a lack or a better word “rooting” for Hamilton to come back and win this year’s championship.

Ecclestone told a group British reporters (Hamilton is from England) at last weekend’s U.S. Grand Prix in Austin, Texas that he hopes Hamilton wins a third title in a row because “there is nothing to write about” Rosberg. Now, Ecclestone has since ripped the reports for publishing that quote saying they didn’t air the whole context of what he said, but nevertheless, he still said it and didn’t really retract his words any after the mess.

“It’s a pity this newspaper wrote only half of what I said,” Ecclestone told I have nothing against Nico. He’s an excellent driver, but Lewis is a great ambassador for Formula 1 around the world. Rosberg would be a worthy champion, because he’s done a good job and got the most points. But look at the job Lewis does outside of the track. He goes on talk shows, red carpets, he carries the Formula 1 brand everywhere in the world. For Formula 1 and for me as a promoter, there is no one better.”

“I mean it when I say that Lewis is the best champion we have ever had.”

So, as you can see, the F1 top brass is hoping for Hamilton to catch Rosberg and win another World Championship all because of his personality. He’s not in the wrong for thinking that, but he has to keep that to himself because that like the head of the NFL or NBA saying they want a specific team to be crowned the champion. It shows favoritism and if it actually happens, then conspiracy theories start being thrown in.

F1 doesn’t need that.

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