Red Bull Racing Cars Move Into 2nd Best Team

We head into the month long break for Formula 1 teams and drivers, but as we head there, we had a movement between two of the top three teams in the series. After the German Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing overpowered Ferrari to second in the constructors standings, as its the first time since 2014 that someone other than Ferrari or Mercedes were in the top two.

But, as we sit here today, Red Bull is outperforming Ferrari in every facet of F1 right now.

Daniel Ricciardo earned his third podium of the season with a second place finish on Sunday. Meanwhile, his teammate Max Verstappen collected his fourth podium of the season as he brought his No. 33 entry home third to give Red Bull their first double podium since last year’s Hungarian Grand Prix when Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat shared the stage.

The result isn’t surprising though as the two Red Bull cars are surging.

Ricciardo, has four straight top five finishes and six in the last eight races. Verstappen, has three podiums in his last four races including five straight top fives himself.

They may not be up to Mercedes’ level yet, but the gap is closing between the two. The gap is also widening between themselves and the other teams too.

Red Bull is the second best team in F1 right now and they couldn’t be happier about that.

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One Thought to “Red Bull Racing Cars Move Into 2nd Best Team

  1. F1 has gotten so Predictable that Eric Smith’s time was wasted by trying to find anything! Anything at all to write about that is somewhat interesting that a Renult engine manufaturer is now in 2nd place behind Mercedes! If anyone is confused to why F1 has had the broadcasting TV Channel in the UK has chose to only Air 11 Grand Prix’s this year! The rest will be available on an AM Station in the country that next to Germany has the most F1 Teams Bases out of! Being an IndyCar Fanatic and Co-Host of The Indy SportsCar Podcast I say ” Keep Up the Great Work Mercedes!”

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