Split Field at Iowa as Chevy Teams Strong for Iowa Corn 300 on Saturday

NEWTON, IA – Chevrolet drivers have won all but two poles and all but one race this season, as that so far hasn’t changed this weekend at the Iowa Speedway. When the Verizon IndyCar Series announced that they’d run the same package that they ran at Phoenix back in early April, we instantly knew that this would likely be a Chevy dominated race.

Both Iowa and Phoenix are very similar tracks, and when Honda drivers said they were fighting for fifth and even sixth on back then, we knew they’d be having the same issues now.

After practice and qualifying today, it’s clear that Chevy’s have a big advantage this weekend.

Chevy drivers paced the field in practice this morning as they had the top seven speeds on the speed chart. Then, in qualifying later on this afternoon, they dominated again in having the top eight speeds and nine cars in the top 10 of the starting lineup. Factor in Juan Pablo Montoya in 11th, and you have 10 of the top 11 speeds in qualifying belonging to the bow tie brigade.

It’s basically a split field.

10 of the top 11 speeds Chevy’s, and 10 of the bottom 11 in the lineup Honda’s.

It doesn’t give Honda’s much hope for the race unless pit sequences go to their favor. Chevy’s had more speed and better handling and Honda drivers are saying they can’t catch Chevy drivers on the track.

It’s problematic for them as they need to close the gap with their rivals. Unfortunately though, it doesn’t appear that this is going to happen this weekend.

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