Rosberg Blames Brakes, Hamilton for Final Lap Collision, Reality Its Him

The ending to today’s Austrian Grand Prix was nothing short of amazing. But, it does show that the rivalry between Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton is far from gone. On the final lap, Hamilton had the faster car and used his DRS to get to Rosberg’s tail. He made his move to go around him, but Rosberg appeared to try to block him and made contact with his Mercedes teammate as a result.

Hamilton would veer off course but quickly back on while Rosberg would have to slow down drastically due to damage on his No. 6 Mercedes from contact.

Hamilton would cruise to the win while Rosberg would fall from second to a fourth place finish off the podium. That got basically everyone in the Mercedes camp calling out Rosberg for his driving style on that final lap, as he not only took himself away from a podium, but he also took Mercedes from a 1-2 finish. In fact, he almost cost them the win and both drivers off the podium with that bonehead move.

But, it was Rosberg again making excuses.

“I’m gutted. That’s sport sometimes, but unbelievable,” Rosberg said. “I was sure to win, I lost in the last lap – pretty intense.

“We were battling, and I was struggling a bit with my brakes and tires degrading, and that gave Lewis a chance.

“Nevertheless I was confident I could defend accordingly – I had the inside line. I went a bit deep into the corner but that’s okay, I dictate, but I was very surprised Lewis turned in. I’m frustrated about losing the win like that – I was out front, felt great and was going to win the race.”

One problem – I’m not buying it.

Hamilton is in Rosberg’s head. Days like today show why I question whether Rosberg has the mentality to be a world champion. Hamilton had the better car in the end.


There was nothing wrong his Rosberg’s brakes or his tires as nothing was wrong on the 70 laps prior. I have a hard time believing they all the sudden gave him fits on Turn 2 of the last lap.

I don’t buy it Nico.

Lewis flat out had a better car at that point and was the better driver. Rosberg had a chance to do what world champions do and fight it out like quality drivers, but what he did was blatant.

He damaged his car and took his team out of contention of a top two finish. His crew members should be livid as if he doesn’t make two mistakes against his own teammate this season, he’d have this championship almost locked up by now.

If he finishes second in a clean battle today, we’re talking about a different story, but instead, he finishes fourth and his points lead is down to 11 points heading into Hamilton’s home race in which he’s won the last two years.

This is all on Rosberg and it’s getting old hearing his same old excuses to what happened.

How about you got scared when Hamilton got up to you and you didn’t want him stealing your thunder. You moved to block him and got damage instead.

That’s the same thing he did in Spain.

The championship was never in your head and it never is and it showed. If it was, you would have respectfully raced your own teammate clean and had a second place finish at worse.

Instead, you got what you deserved.

Same story different day with him as he has the talent to be one of the sports best drivers, but the maturity level of a child.

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