Mercedes, Chevrolet, Toyota Running Motorsports World Right Now

INDIANAPOLIS – In a day and age of competition in motorsports being as close as ever before, a daunting stat is coming to life in the top three forms of motorsports around the world. In Formula One, NASCAR and IndyCar, one manufacturer in those respective series’ are shining above all the rest. In fact, not only is one manufacturer dominating in those three forms of major of motorsports, but they’re also in a class all by themselves.

Take F1 for example, Mercedes is by far the top team in the series right now. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg have combined to win nine of the 10 races so far this season, and have won an astounding 84-percent of the races since the start of the 2014 season. In fact, they’ve won all but seven of the 48 races since the 2014 Australian Grand Prix, as there’s no other team even in their class right now.

The only way they don’t win is if they take each other out like they did in Spain back in May.

There’s no parity outside of them in F1.

What about the Verizon IndyCar Series?

There’s no doubt Chevrolet is trumping Honda hard this year. Again, like F1, it’s not even close. Honda did lead 129 of the 200 laps in the biggest race of any of the three series’ in this year’s Indianapolis 500, but they have only led 13 of the 575 laps since.

In fact, Chevy drivers have won 10 of the 11 races in IndyCar this year and have led 87-percent of the overall laps. Their drivers have combined to lead 1,205 of the 1,387 laps run in 2016.

Since Indy?

They’ve led 98-percent of the overall laps and have won every race.

Again, there’s no parity, because if you drive a Honda in IndyCar, you’re battling for realistically fifth on back right now.

Then we come to NASCAR. The sport has become a Toyota’s world. Toyota has won nine of the 19 Sprint Cup races this year, 11 of the 17 X-Finity Series races in 2016 and eight of the 10 Camping World Truck Series races, including eight straight.

Combined, that’s 61-percent (28 of 46 races).

Then when you look at laps led, Toyota has led 57-percent of the Sprint Cup laps, 68-percent of the X-Finity Series laps and 71-percent of the Truck Series laps. Combine all of those and you get 63-percent of the entire laps completed in NASCAR across all three major divisions, a Toyota car has led (6,233 of 9,925).

So, in an era where parity is supposed to be king, Mercedes, Chevrolet and Toyota are dominating instead.

This is their world right now and we’re all just playing in it.

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