Fernando Alonso Saying IndyCar Possible Destination in 2018

INDIANAPOLIS – One motorsport series’ loss could be another ones gain. Right now, the Verizon IndyCar Series is reaping the benefits of the recent struggles in Formula 1, as Conor Daly, Max Chilton and 2016 Indianapolis 500 winner Alexander Rossi are in the United States competing here after losing opportunities in F1.

They’re thriving making a name for themselves in a better racing series.

Now, another F1 driver may be headed out the door with his sights set on IndyCar as well. That driver is Fernando Alonso.

Alonso, is no doubt one of the top talents in all of racing in the entire world. There’s no question about that statement from anyone. Everyone had always wondered how he’d do in IndyCar, as the Spaniard has hinted multiple times about racing in the Indianapolis 500.

Well, now the dream may now become a reality.

Due to how F1 is being run, Alonso has had it. He’s at his wits end, and he told Autosport.com that he’s exploring the options outside of F1 for the 2018 season and beyond.

“I’m not at all happy for some things that are happening, we can never drive the cars to their real limit; we can never attack as much as we would like because the tires don’t allow you to… To be quick in today’s F1, you must not attack too much, that’s the secret, but that’s something against a driver’s instincts.” Alonso told the racing website.

He went on to say driving the F1 cars nowadays has become too easy and less physically demanding.

“Before, after 10 laps you had to have a two-hour massage, while now you can drive 150 laps and barely sweat by the end.”

This has him agitated and after his contact expires following the 2017 season, he’s open to looking elsewhere.

“Le Mans would be the option closest to my driving style, and to what I’ve always done.” But, he didn’t dispel coming to America and running in IndyCar either though.

“The Indy 500 is a fascinating, radical change because you must learn a completely different driving style and way of thinking.”

With these feelings, I don’t think it’s out of left field to think Alonso could be on the IndyCar grid in 2018. He’s a Honda driver in F1, who’s to say Honda wouldn’t work out a deal to sign with the manufacturer and have them find him an IndyCar team.

Same with Rossi.

Honda wants him to stay in IndyCar. They can sign him as a developmental driver to stay here.

Same with Daly.

Daly wants to stay in IndyCar and he’s a current Honda driver. Why not sign him and keep him with a Honda team?

It could work for Alonso as any IndyCar team would want him. Heck, Chip Ganassi tweeted out in June that Alonso is a winner and he likes winners and for Fernando to contact him.



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