Bump Day Looking Bleak, Sebastian Saavedra/AFS Racing Back Out of Indy 500 Entry

INDIANAPOLIS – Last Monday, I wrote how Bump Day for the 100th Running of the Indianapolis 500 would be happening. A week ago, Sebastian Saavedra and AFS Racing announced they’d field a car for the upcoming race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. They didn’t make the full announcement at that time, but they stated their interest, and went as far as saying that they not only had a car, but they had sponsors and crew members as well.

It seemed like a definite thing as that would mark 34 entries for the big race.

But, seven days later, that effort has been put to a stop, as multiple sources including RACER have learned that Saavedra and AFS Racing won’t be fielding a car after all.

They cite the timing as the culprit, as they don’t think they have enough time between now and qualifying in three weeks, to properly put a competitive car together.

They think a car would have easily been available to practice on opening day, but the car wouldn’t have been up to par to make the race. With that being said, that made them think they would have been on the outside looking in during qualifying so why put a car together just to struggle?

That’s why we’re back down to 32 entrants at the moment waiting on Buddy Lazier to be the 33rd.

Outside of that, it appears that’s all the entrants we’re going to see unless Grace Autosport or Gabby Chaves can come up with the right amount of funding. If not, we’re only going to have 33 cars going for 33 spots which means no bumping for this year’s race.

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