Bernie Ecclestone Spouting Off Harsh Statements Against Formula 1/Drivers

The head man in charge of Formula One made some harsh comments about the series that he leads this past weekend, as it’s adding more fuel to the fire with what’s wrong with F1. Bernie Ecclestone said at Bahrain, that basically drivers shouldn’t be allowed to have a voice as they should just shut up and drive and that he went as far as saying he wouldn’t even pay to sit in the grandstands and watch his series race.

“What sort of interest do they have, the drivers, other than taking money out of the sport?” Ecclestone said via ESPN F1. “I’ve never seen one of them put one dollar in, you go to dinner with them and they don’t even pay the bill. They shouldn’t even be allowed to talk. They should get in the car and drive it.”

Those comments came after F1 was getting some heat in the way the management is running things. Drivers, teams and fans are irate on the qualifying fiasco’s as there’s an ongoing rift between the paddock and the F1 managements themselves.

Unfortunately, with these comments, this isn’t going to go away anytime soon as the rift is so big, some harsh drawbacks may happen.

“Sky say that they are going to start broadcasting to 25 million people who will be able to watch it, if they want to. The problem is today is do they want to? Because I got slaughtered for saying that I wouldn’t buy a ticket for a Formula One race, which is true I wouldn’t.

“Because I know full well before I go to the race who’s going to be first, who’s going to be second and there’s no racing that’s going to happen anyway. So why would I want to sit in the bloody grandstand for with my wife and two kids or somebody else’s wife, for what? To see what?”

What does this say to the fans?

The man in charge said he wouldn’t even pay to watch them race. He’s even saying drivers shouldn’t speak about matters either. I have a feeling this is only going to get uglier as this could go to some bad extremes if Ecclestone isn’t careful.

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One Thought to “Bernie Ecclestone Spouting Off Harsh Statements Against Formula 1/Drivers

  1. tpalshadow

    As much as I dislike Bernie, you have to admit he has part of a point. I would certainly love to attend every F1 race, and in my opinion (especially as an American F1 fan) the races thus far have been fantastic. However, there has not been a lot of racing up front. I don’t know that this is much different than how things have been for many years, but the winner of each race is known 90% of the time before the lights go out. The new qualifying is a joke though, if you want to talk about a boring session I would not want to pay to watch it would be qualifying.

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